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70 Unique Heroes

RiseFall starts with 70 unique Heroes, each one with different stats and abilities, divided in seven different races. Choose a champion, and be the leader of a party up to four Heroes.

Power up your team, search for new powerful allies and prove yourself against all the other players. Try different combinations of Heroes to make your team unique and invincible!


Time Based Events

Prove your team versus others players and climb the leaderboard in daily and weekly events!

PvP Event - Fight the other teams and prove that you have the best team in the PvP Arena! Collect rewards to increase your team power!

PvE Event - Explore special dungeons and face tough Bosses to earn points, collect elites heroes and climb the leaderboards to get unique rewards!

Daily PvP Event - Climb the leaderboards starting from the last position and prove your strength every day in the Persistent Arena. Collect daily rewards based on your ranking!

Daily Missions - Fight in special dungeons on different days and get useful resources for your team!

PowerUp and Evolutions

Sacrifice your weak heroes to increase the experience of your allies. Combine together two Heroes of the same kind to evolve them, up to three times. Evolve fully experienced heroes to gain evolution bonuses and obtain a perfect evolution.

Use your team and manage your inventory to create the perfect pool of heroes to compete against all the challenges!


Check out the RiseFall Compendium Online. You can view all the characters, artifacts and other useful stuff, to decide how or on what hero to invest your efforts on.

Something about RiseFall and Our Team

RiseFall is a Free to Play RPG game based on time based events and collectible characters and items. The game was made for mobile platforms and web and will be released at first on the Kongregate web-gaming portal. This game has been in private beta since August 2015.

Some Features of the Game

  • 300 Total Characters
  • Crafting system
  • Single player mode with 150 missions and dungeons
  • Daily missions system
  • PvP Arena with daily rewards and leaderboards
  • Consumables items
  • Characters capture system
  • PvP time based events with global leaderboard and reward system
  • PvE time based events with global leaderboard and reward system
  • Store and Premium Currency system
  • Equipable items

Something about us, and our experience

We are a small team made by three people and this project required about two years of hard developing. During these two years other three people helped us to do a great part of the work, server side programming, managing, illustrations storyline and lore. We will be forever thankful to everyone that helped us to finish this project, to every member of the beta community, to our families and friends.

We hope you will enjoy the game, and we invite you to play it and keep in touch with us.

RiseFall Screenshots & News

A little review of an early version of the game...

Some months ago we found on youtube a review of the game showing RiseFall at its first stage of the beta. We found it very useful, and we think it can be really interesting for you too, even if the game has changed a lot! We want to thank »Hadriex to have given us the opportunity to share his video on the official game site! Keep up with the good work!

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